Workshops with Moeno Wakamatsu in the countryside of South Normandy, France

SPRING 2022 dance workshops with Moeno Wakamatsu
Normandy, France
La Perrotiere, Reveillon 61400 France
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Information and registration:

April 8 - 15
(Dates will be adjusted around this proposed period according to requests of participants. If there are enough participants for each day, it is possible to schedule workshop for this entire period.)

May 25 - 29 (Pont de L'Ascension)

June 3, 4, 5, 6 (Weekend de Pentecôte)

Cost: 55 euros / day or 50 euros / day if taking 3 days or more (per workshop)

Accommodation Contribution: 10 euros / night or 8 euros / night if staying 3 nights or more.



Summer 2021 Normandy Seminars with Moeno Wakamatsu
Collaborating Artist, Lê Quan Ninh, percussion.

La Perrotiere, 61400 REVEILLON
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18 - 22 July (Saturday to Thursday): Dance Week 0 50 euros/ day, 220 euros/ Week

25 - 29 July (Saturday to Thursday): Dance Week 1 50 euros/ day, 220 euros/ Week

1 - 8 August (Saturday to Sunday), Dance Week 2, joined by Lê Quan Ninh. Workshop 1 - 5 August, Rehearsal and preparations 6 August, Performance 7 and 8 August. 280 euros / Week

10 - 14 August (Tuesday to Saturday): Feldenkrais 50 euros / day, 220 euros / Week

Fee Reductions:
Reduction of 40 euros if taking all 4 weeks, 25 euros if taking 3 weeks, 15 euros if taking 2 weeks. (Reduction is from total amount: Example if taking Week 0 and Week 1, it will be 440 euros - 15 euros Reduction = 435 euros total.)

Due to COVID situation that may effect travel restrictions, there is no limit date for payment — you can also pay when you come. But you must send application form, and please notify any cancellation as soon as you know, in case there are people on waiting-list. This year we are unable to make early-bird reductions.

Because of the COVID situation and late announcement of the workshop dates, we except to have smaller group than usual. General limit is 15 participants, with some flexibility.

We take all necessary precautions for COVID situation. Many people will already be vaccinated. If not, negative test result before arrival is requested.

5 hours/day
Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Demonstrations, Discussions
No Requirements for participation.

Dance Week 0: “Beyond Good and Bad”
6 hours/day
Dance workshop with strong focus on awareness and physical training. Cultivating necessary sensitivity. Detailed study into relationship between images and body, relationship between physical body and directing of consciousness, technical skills of how the transformations of perception works. There will be dancing, but with more particular instructions into technical (physical and non-physical) skills that are needed to execute each dance.

Dance Week 1: “Foundation”
6 hours/day
More time of dancing than Week 0. Understanding of dance as a performance art, how to externalize physically the images and subjects. How to circulate the consciousness with the audience. Studying one’s own arising of imaginations and subjects. Approaching one’s own solo dance. Beginning of improvisation group work.

Dance Week 2: “Improvisation” Joined by Lê Quan Ninh (percussion).
6 hours/day
Joined by percussionist Lê Quan Ninh. This year, Ninh will be present ALL 5 DAYS. This workshop must be taken with Week 1 or 0 — exceptions only with permission.of Moeno. The cost for ONLY Week 2 is 300 euros.
Performance participation is not obligatory, but normally everyone participates. Participant will decide to join performance or not by the end of second day. Participant who do not wish to perform on stage can still actively participate in the event of performance.
For rare cases a musician wish to attend the workshop as participant, please inquire.

Official site Lê Quan Ninh:

• Click here to read more about collaboration laboratory Moeno Wakamatsu and Lê Quan Ninh


Contribution for house use:
Full night stay: 45 euros/week. 10 euros/additional days outside of registered workshop week. Same contribution for camping in the garden.
Kitchen use only to stay for group meals, no overnight stay: 20 euros/week


To Participate in the workshop:

Scroll down below to find Application Process
Send Application Forms to:

• DATES of Arrival and Departure:
If you will be staying at our house (not commuting to class) during the workshop, your arrival day is Friday before the start date of workshop. This is to allow you time to settle in, clean up and organize the room you will stay, to do any shopping or other necessary errands on Saturday morning when shops and banks are open. Everything is closed on Sunday. Also, the local bus (if you come by train) to come to our house is limited or none on the weekends.

If you are not staying at our house, you can arrive in time for first class.
Departure day is the day after end of last class or the last performance.

• Detailed Schedule:
- ARRIVAL DAY: Friday before start of workshop. Meeting in the evening. (We hope you can arrive by 21:00. Please tell us in advance if you plan to arrive late night. There will be brief meeting at night, after dinner.
- SECOND DAY: Saturday, the following day after your arrival.    More detailed meeting. Various organizing. Cleaning and food shopping. Any personal errands you need.
- Sunday to Thursday: Class (For Week 3 Feldenkrais seminar, class is from Monday to Saturday)
- Friday and Saturday between the workshop weeks are Rest Days for participants who are staying. Friday and Saturday: Possible street performances depending on the desire of the group. We need some help to distribute performance flyers and posters in town on Saturday morning.

- DEPARTURE DAY: is day after your last class or performance. We start cleaning near the last days so that you will be ready to depart.

[For 2021, due to COVID situation, no deadline for payment (as long as you make payment before start of class.) Please make payment when you are sure of your participation. If paying in advance, 50 euros/1 week workshop WILL NOT be reimbursed.]

Your place in the workshop will be reserved only after you make deposit. Payment bank information will be sent to you after the application is accepted. (Please note, for participants from past years that the bank information has changed this year. )

Accommodation is offered for utility contribution of 45 euros/week. However, if you arrive earlier or stay longer than the indicated arrival and departure dates, we ask for additional 6 euros/night utility fee. If you are taking only few days of workshop and thus staying less than 1 week, contribution is 8 euros/night.If you bring any visitors who are not part of the workshop, please first ask for permission. For visitors, it is 8 euros/night stay. The contribution includes WiFi access and bicycle rentals. Your contributions go towards repairs, new appliances and gas,electricity and water costs.

Food is not included. Food money will be collected when you arrive, in cash. It is usually about 6 or 7 euros/day per person.

Deposit is non-refundable upon any condition --- please make payment when you are sure to participate.
However, you can make credit from the deposit you lost. If you cancel more than 30 days before start of the workshop you applied for, only 50 euros is truly non-refundable and the rest we can make you credit for the next Normandy workshop with Moeno Wakamatsu upto one year. It expires after one year.
Please allow several days for bank transfers. The date of reception of the deposit determines the price of the workshop (Early-bird, Regular, or Late Fee).

After deposit, you will complete the rest of your payment upon arrival. Please note: If you pay full fee in advance, and you must cancel your coming, we will not reimburse what you paid in advance. The same deposit policy and credit policy will apply to the whole amount you paid. We thank your understanding on this point: because of great inconveniences in the past of making return transfers, including communications and making trips to the bank, we have made this rule to discourage people from paying before being sure to participate.

1. Download Application Form below.

Click Here to DOWNLOAD "Application Form" text file (.rtf)

2. Download the "Normandy Workshop Detail" PDF document and read it, before you make the application. The document has been updated.
This document has been updated (2 June 2021)

Click Here to DOWNLOAD "Normandy Workshop Detail" (PDF)

* If you have any probelm with downloading the files, please contact

3. Send the completed Application Form:
- by Email to
: Please write "normandy workshop" in the subject line when sending emails about workshop. If you do not receive our reply in 3 days, please try again in case your mail was handled as SPAM, If you do not have response, there might be chance of blocked email for some reason. You can always telephone (or send SMS) to +33 (0)6 11 82 75 19.
- by Post to: Moeno WAKAMATSU, La Perrotiere 61400 Reveillon, FRANCE

4. When we receive your application, we will send you confirmation of your participation and bank information for your deposit payment. Please make deposit payment after our confirmation, not before. We recommend that you send application at least one week before payment deadline to allow enough time for you to make payment.

For 2021:
We have limited work-exchange so we cannot accept all. We give priority to people who know the house for many years.

This year, work-exchange is available for people who have the following skills:
1. Masonry
2. Electrical
3. Carpentry
4. Chainsaw and handsaw work to cut trees

No need to be professional, but must have enough experience and can work alone without instruction. The work is done during the week OUTSIDE of workshop dates before or after, or during Feldenkrais week. No work-exchange for Week 2. Work exchange is 7 hour for each day of workshop. Contribution for house use during workshop cannot be work-exchanged, but you do not need to contribute during your working stay (it is already included in the working hours)

GENERAL RULES that applie every year:
Please do not send work-exchange application without first writing email to
Work-exchange is only for participants who take more than 2 weeks.
Limited to those with reasonable skill and motivation.
Upto 1 week of workshop can be exchanged. Early-bird discount price does not apply for work-exchange participation. Cancellation fee and reimbursment policy applies the same for work-exchange participants. If you make work-exchange, your deposit will be paid back after you make work-exchange. If you make work after workshop, payment for workshop must be made, and it will be paid back to you when you make work.

Working period will be outside of the workshop class days (to be discussed with the individual). Please first inquire by email. Then download and complete the Work-Exchange Application form and send with your workshop application to: (Please write "Normandy workshop" in the subject line so that your email message will not be handled as SPAM) If you do not have response from us in one week, please send again or telephone (or send SMS) +33 (0)6 11 82 75 19.

* If you have any probelm with downloading the files, please contact

DOWNLOAD "Work Exchange Program" (PDF)

DOWNLOAD "Work-Exchange Application Form" (text file)